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Therapeutic  Massage

After successfully graduating from the Florida Learning Center as the valedictorian, and passing the National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work, Peter began his work as a Chair Massage Therapist in Key West Florida at the Mallory Square Sunset Celebration.

When we asked Peter why he chose a chair for his work he responded that he felt many people would feel too self conscious laying down in a crowd of people. He stressed the need for his clients to relax while being treated in order to get the most out of the techniques he offered. While treating chronic shoulder and/or lower back issues can be preformed in a sitting position, he says he prefers private out call or home sessions where he can not only control the environment but also set up his table for more advanced stretching techniques.

During his work at Mallory Square from 2003 to 2007 Peter successfully treated over 1,700 people from all walks of life, both Nationally and Internationally.

His sources of study for traditional massage therapy have included the following:

Peter has also been certified by the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA to preform

Pain Management and Sports Acupressure for a wide variety of chronic issues. 


Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue & Myo-Fascial Release, Zen Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, Tui Na, Sport Massage , Polarity Therapy

Peter continues to aid clients from all walks of life that find themselves in the Florida Keys.

If you have an issue please stop by Mallory Square at Sunset today or book an appointment for outcall service @ (305) 304-4411.